Are you passionate about expressing your feelings and thoughts to people all across the globe? Why don’t you start writing a blog which would have millions of readers? Are you worried about getting best and poweful tips for writing a successful blog in 2023?

If your answer is yes to all the above-mentioned questions, then here you are in the right place. Yes, you will get the answers to all these and many other questions in as simplified way as possible. 

You can fulfill all your dreams in 2023. Be it achieving financial freedom or passion for expressing your thoughts.  And you are gonna do it by writing your wonderful and unique blog.

With that being said we have provided here all the best and most powerful tips. So stay tuned till the end to get the best from


Since blogging has its benefits. It can give you financial freedom. It can be your platform where you can share your thought process with your desired audience. Also, it can be a source of brand awareness on a massive scale.

But earning millions of dollars out of blogging would not be like a bed of roses. Monetary rewards are going to be the consequences of your hard work. And as it’s a long journey you are not going to be a millionaire overnight.

Let me display a disclaimer here. We can’t provide all the details you need in this limited space of an article. Plus providing exhausting details about any topic in a single article is perhaps next to impossible to do.

But we assure you one thing here. After reading this article completely, you will be able to quickly and easily jump-start your blogging journey. And if you applied our tips efficiently, then rest assured you will have a successful blog in 2023.

What Would Be Covered In This Blog

Let me ask you a question. Would you prefer to drive a car on the highway without having proper training and a license to drive?

Your answer is probably no. Blogging is also like that. As you need to know a lot about it before starting. You have to train yourself to be patient for at least six months.

We are not gonna scare you alright! You will get no or low traffic on your blog in the initial six months. All you need to do is learn and apply advanced and updated tips and strategies for being successful in this writing niche.

And rest assured we are gonna disclose here the best format of your ideal blog, pro SEO, and other tips, along with the most interesting and frequently asked questions in the last.

But before moving ahead stop! let us know your comments on where you are right now in the blogging journey.

Best Format Of Your Ideal Blog Should Be Like?

So here we start revealing our best format for your ideal blog. Quickly sum up it in just four steps.

  1. Magnetic Title.
  2. Introductory paragraphs with compelling leads.
  3. Easily skimmable main body.
  4. Simple conclusion with a strong call to action.

Let’s dive deep into this.

Magnetic Title

You know very well that if ten people read your title then only two will click and scroll down. Yeah, it happens like that.

So all you have is just a few seconds to grab the attention of your reader through your magnetic title. This means you must have a title that pulls your reader into reading it.

And to achieve this most necessary target, your title headline must have these components.

Introductory Paragraphs With Compelling Words

So after setting your eye-catching title headline, now let’s move towards making handy introductory paragraphs.

You need to know that the introduction should start from the hook. Like we tried three hooking questions to keep you staying with us for the rest of this article. You may have noticed, especially the one about having a million readers’ blog.

Then in the next introductory paragraph after the hook, you need to briefly sum up what you are gonna cover in your article. Last but not least you must have some compelling words in every paragraph. So that readers remain curious about what comes next.

Easily Skimmable Main Body

Your ideal informative blog should be around 1500 to 2000 max words. Paragraphs should have max three to four sentences. But the division of all these paragraphs should be done with effective headings and subheadings.

Headings and subheadings will give you three benefits.

  1. It will allow your readers to easily skim all your content.
  2. It would boost your search engine optimization.
  3. Readers will easily navigate to their intended destinations. 

You need to present your information in bulleted and numbered points. Just bear in mind that bulleted and numbered points are like mini headings. Don’t try to write paragraphs or even long sentences there.

Simple Conclusion With Strong Call To Action

You need to be simple in wrapping up your conclusion. It’s just a summary of what you have written in your article. So don’t be fancy, just say it old conclusion.

Now last but not least thing about your ideal format blog would be that you must insert CTA. It stands for call-to-action. It has different forms. Like you can ask your readers to simply subscribe to your email newsletter, share or comment on your article, or purchase products from your provided links.

Seriously, it would add beauty to your blog if you add it. And it should be displayed clearly and strongly.

And also you can’t skip CTA. Because readers would engage with your blog through it. And if readers are not engaging with you, they will not become buyers of your services and affiliated products. And that’s not cool anyways.

Easy SEO Tips On How To Write A Successful Blog In 2023

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Your blog can’t be successful in 2023 without it and this is one of best and powerful tips for writing a successful blog in 2023. And you will have quite enough information once you comprehend this section completely.

So, after reading about the best format for your ideal blog it’s time to know easy SEO tips on how to write a successful blog in 2023. What we will cover in this section is presented in these bulleted points.

Let’s dive deep into these easy SEO tips on how to write a successful blog in 2023.

How To Do Keyword Research In The Beginning?

Millions of people search for answers to their questions daily on Google. These queries are technically known as keywords. You need to know them before starting to write on any topic.

To find keywords there are many free and paid tools and websites. Among them, the most popular are Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest, etc.

My favorite is Ubersuggest. Because it’s simple to use. And it’s free to find 3 keywords there daily. They have their paid plans which are also affordable.

You need to know that millions of articles are uploaded daily on Google on different topics. Your target is to rank your article on the first page of Google. Because the majority of users never or rarely go to the second or third page.

So in the beginning we need to consider 3 things while doing keyword research on Ubersuggest.

Why are we recommending these things? Because in the beginning we are not gonna beat our competitors on higher-difficulty keywords. Once our site gets a ranking on low search volume keywords then we will move ahead to more difficult and high search volume keywords.

What Is Keyword Placement?

Once we get our targeted easy to rank low search volume keywords, we need to know how to place them in our articles.

So, just know that there are mainly two types of keywords; primary and secondary.

The main keywords are primary and secondary comes after them.

Just one thing to remember: don’t stiff them in your blog. This means in no way they would be increased by more than 1% in all of your content.

So your main focused keyword should be placed in these areas especially; the title, first introductory paragraph, second or third headline, and conclusion. And anywhere in the middle of your content if the flow of the sentence allows it. Also, use secondary keywords 2-3 times according to the length of your blog keeping in mind keyword density . Literature Research is the primary pre-requisite before starting a write-up. You need to see all examples blog posts of your competitors and see how they write blogs and use keywords this will help you a lot to have a basic idea and trend.

Image Optimization

We need to know that featured and in-text images increase watch time on our sites. Yeah, images grab the interest of our readers and that enhances engagement. Both engagement and interest are indeed our intended goals.

So you need to use copyright-free images from pixabay, Pixels, Unsplash, etc. Or you can make your own using Canva. Just optimize them.

Use Of Plugins

We need to know that more than 40% of all websites on Google are made with WordPress. Because it gives you freedom and liberty on your content.

There are thousands of handy Plugins. Which can be used for serving different purposes. Few of them are more than enough. We recommend these to you.

  1. YoastSEO or All in One for all your SEO-related requirements.
  2. One for caching.
  3. One for backup.
  4. One for social media.
  5. One for contact forms.

Although Plugins provide you ease in your workflow, we advise you remove any that you don’t use more. Because they will make your site heavier. Hence load time can increase. Plus do not install two plugins for the same purpose.

If you don’t have a website or cannot afford to have one then blogs writing site is suitable for you to start with this will help you to build your content writing capacity.

How Important Social Media Is In Ranking Your Site?

So let me tell you one thing: 70 million new articles or posts are uploaded daily on the internet. Why would Google give priority to your content over them?

So it’s obvious you are not gonna have organic traffic for the initial few months. What you need to do in order to overcome this issue is just start networking on Social Media.

Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, Whatsapp, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Make accounts there. Have connections and send your message and backlinks of your content there. You can’t skip these things in such a competitive environment.

Other Miscellaneous Powerful Tips For How To Start A Successful Blog In 2023

Before moving to our next section of Other Miscellaneous Powerful Tips For How To Start A Successful Blog In 2023, we request you to bookmark this site, if you are enjoying reading this. And if you find our work more interesting don’t forget to share it with your friends.

  1. Add value to your content. The main purpose of your blog should be solving problems. If you are good enough to simplify complex issues then no one can stop you from getting success.
  2. Start making an email list from the beginning. It’s gonna help you on a larger scale in the future. You need to learn this with other resources. We can’t provide full details of all tips.
  3. Consistency is always necessary for success in any profession. So it’s true for blogging too.
  4. Learn how to do internal and outbound linking. It will boost your SEO and make you credible and trustworthy in the eyes of readers.A Healthy Lifestyle Plan for a Busy Mom is an example here.
  5. Don’t look daily at data analytics. It’s nothing but a waste of time. So don’t fall into this pit of addiction.
  6. Don’t forget to learn off-page and technical SEO strategies.
  7. Make a good about us page with complete information about your story and a beautiful smiling pic.
  8. Don’t compromise on security features. Cheap hostings can make your blog vulnerable to hackers.
  9. Write about your passion. You need to find your niche.
  10. Try to add appealing graphics or infographics. It will outstand you in the competition.
  11. You can’t be inaccurate when presenting statistics.
  12. Have some maintenance and audits on an annual basis.


In your opinion, a successful blog can earn you million dollars annually or it may comprise one million fans. Whatever your belief is, it is true that you can’t have such a successful blog without knowing some powerful tips.

So we have tried our level best to update you with all the necessary tips that you might need in the beginning. So comment and let us know how much it added value to your understanding. And share it with your friends if you like. Thanks!


Q1: How Often Should I Blog?

We recommend you publish articles at least twice a week. It would be great to publish on Monday and Thursday. Whatever you set your schedule stay consistent for at least the initial six months. Otherwise, Google will not give you importance in ranking your articles.

Q2: Is Blogging Dead?

We hear this sentence for years that blogging is dying or perhaps it’s dead. But data shows another side. According to recent statistics, more than 409 million users engage with more than 20 billion blog pages every month. And pardon me if I’m wrong that this figure is increasing with every coming day. So we don’t think that blogging is dying shortly.

Q3: Why do Blogs Fail?

It fails when it adds nothing to the lives of readers. It fails when inconsistency comes. It fails when the primary purpose is to earn a million dollars overnight.

Earning money is not a bad intention. But we should not make it the sole purpose of our blogging in the beginning. When we add value and solve problems for our readers, money will follow us.

Money is just an amplifier of our behaviors. If we have bad habits, it will make us worse than earlier. And if we are generous, money will provide us with more opportunities to change the lives of people around us.

Finally, we would love to conclude our blog by saying that a good blog can earn you good money. But a great blog can create visible change in the lives of readers.

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